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  ZO KYOOT!paulispinel:  Yummy  yes she is. (oh wait, are we talking about her or the brownie?)gogorusso:  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWH!  please don’t cry..my heart breaks each time you cry..and she’s gay as a window toocute! #effy is clearly having a neck spasm #and emily is just like ‘atta girl naomieep!sweet.she’s right handed.bebraveloveme:  emily!  gpoyher hairrr.and her little button nose.and perfect jawline.and long kissable neck.and deep brown eyes.and slightly parted lips. and..god i can go on forever!paulispinel:  I cant help myself, I love her face (:  her hair!! i like it like this :)what? i’m not. i’m not gay. that was a pack of lies!im0an:  limbo  reblogging myself for fuckyeahmagnificentariellebgood:  You wanna know why I look up to Emily so freaking much? Because despite her small stature and seemingly shy personality, shes actually super brave and super headstrong. Shes so in touch with her own emotions, that she might come off as a cry baby, but in reality shes one of the toughest characters on Skins.And it looks like shes threatening to kill herself in this scene, but shes notshe just happens to be standing dangerously close to the edge of a rooftopand she wouldnt kill herself. Because Emily Fitch would never stoop that low, shes so much stronger than that. Her and Katie. Theyre Fitches, and theyre Fierce.And sometimes Id think, man, if Noami didnt reciprocate Emilys feelings, she wouldve ended up like Sophia. But then when I think about itwhen I really, really think aboutI realize, like Hell she would! Ok, so she spent most of season 4 crying, but you know what!? She wouldve gotten over it sooner or later. Because Emilys a freakin rock. Shes not gonna kill herself just cause shes having relationship problems. In 3x06 after Naomi leaves her in her house, she says, I got the message, Naomi. Ill manage. And thats completely true. Because shes Emily Fitch. She cries a lot, but its only because shes sensitive and so in touch with her emotions, which at the same time also makes her a lot stronger than other people who just mope around all the time coughEFFYcough, and she would never fall into such a deep depression. And I just wish I was as strong as her. (I gotta stop writing such long posts. Sorry.)  WISE WORDS! read them.eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

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    I’m in love with Kathryn Prescott. Can I please have heeer?
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